Overview of the Digital Education System


The system runs on desktop computers, laptops, tablet PCs, smartphones and other similar devices, and supports Windows, MacOS, Linux, Android and IOS operating systems.

Cloud System

The system runs on the cloud server. All data are recorded in the cloud server and shared whenever necessary.

Management Panel

Teacher, student and organization particulars are defined in the Management Panel. The Panel produces an activation code for each registered user. The information and reports subject to centralized control are presented to the user through the management panel.

Interactive Broadcast Editor

The course contents are transferred into the Digital Education System by means of the Interactive Broadcast Editor. This system has been designed to give interaction to existing content conveniently and fast, and further to enrich them with multimedia elements.

Back to Installation and Use

Once the application is downloaded to the mobile device followed by the entry of the activation code, the student and the teacher can automatically install and use on such mobile device the whole content (textbooks, tests, etc.) of the class he/she is registered with, and the whole contents of the respective study field respectively.

Kurum Kontrolü

The educational organization may at any time provide or withdraw access to its contents.

Interface Adaptation

Users see each page within the application as dressed with the organization's logo and template.

Class Management

Class Management module enables the teacher to control the devices of students throughout the class. The teacher can increase and decrease the audio in student devices, black out and lock student screens, and show the book page on the device display for discussion.

Content Sharing

Teacher can optionally export the whiteboard content to student tablets. The student can view the content so transferred in combination with the book page associated with the content. Likewise, the student can share the screen with the teacher as well.

Homework Management

The teacher and student can instantly message, share screen or a question-solution. Since all notes taken on the application are recorded, the message or content shared can be viewed by the other user as image as well as in DrawAny video format.

Note Paper

Functions such as inserting handwritten or keyboard-printed text to the content, deleting the text, attaching a note paper, opening a plain-lined-graph notebook page are available.

Examinations and Reports

The user can apply tests and exams composed of multiple-choice questions, and can then immediately get the measurement-evaluation result, detailed report card and breakdown of student performance by subject. Furthermore, the user can see solutions to the questions. All report cards and breakdown of student performance by subjectcan be reviewed under the respective menu as supplemented with date and time details.

The Application Euns Both Online and Offline

The application runs both online and offline. Once the application is downloaded and contents are loaded, the user can have access to and study on the content offline.

During Offline Session

During offline session, interactive books can be viewed, video and simulations can be played, interactive exam can be applied and the measurement-evaluation score can be obtained. However, access to large-size video and other content may require internet connection.


The device should regularly be connected to internet so that the user actions on the application can be uploaded to the cloud server, new contents and updates broadcasted by the organization can be installed in the device, and messages and contents submitted by teachers and students can be viewed.
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