What Opportunities does Vooxe DES Offer?

Accessibility to, study on and storage of the whole educational documentation (contents, notes, tools, etc.) on a single device of approx.. 0,5 kg in weight; more active involvement in the education process culminating in faster and permanent learning; taking interactive exams at any time and viewing the results of all applications through an exhaustive evaluation paper complete with analyses and solutions; consistently keeping in contact with the teacher; completing the efficient learning process within a shorter notice.
Using the time more effectively during the class; keeping the student attention and interest at the utmost level throughout the lesson thanks to multimedia and interactive course contents; conveniently monitoring the performance of the student both in and outside the class; measuring and evaluating the knowledge of the student more frequently; swiftly identifying fields requiring improvement in the student; consistent contact with the student.
Offering a user-friendly and seamlessly-accessible education system structured on a continuous sharing basis for improved satisfaction and distinction; offering content in a cost-effective fashion; storing the content in a safe media and making it available smoothly during the education process; registering the actions of the student and teacher and further compiling them into various reports for the sake of more closely monitoring and improving the education process.
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