Tablet PC Application and Student


  • The student can integrate into the system online with his/her username and password, and update the content.
  • The software on the tablet can run online and offline.
  • Automatic textbook loading, content updating and optionally content removal are other available functions.
  • User data are transferred to the central server.
  • Data submitted by the user can be viewed by the teacher.
  • Once the user signs in the application with the activation code, the educational organization's proprietary template and logo appear together with a menu with the library, messages, agenda, homework, etc. options.

Interactive Textbook and Exam Application

  • Textbooks with multimedia support are used (audio, video, animation, text, image).
  • There is a functionality for the user to take notes on the textbook.
       - Adding, deleting and subsequently viewing text on the page is possible.
       - A plain, lined, graph and semi-transparent notebook page can be created where the user can insert and delete text, and the question and the accompanying content can be recorded and then be retrieved.
  • Notes taken on the page or notes associated with the page and exported by the teacher can subsequently be viewed together with the details including the owner, date, time and description of the notes.
  • Functionality of solving questions and applying exams is available.
       - Tests and exams in different forms can be answered with interactive options.
       - Statistics such as the number of correct and wrong answers, unanswered questions, net correct answers as well as further details including % achievement, exam score, answer key, report card and breakdown of student performance by subject are presented to the student.
       - During online session, the student can have access to videos demonstrating solutions to the questions, and can have offline access to the interactive content designed by the organization as well.
       - The teacher can view the report card for all tests and exams applied to the student, and obtain breakdown of student performance by subject.

Putting the Content into the Use and Homework Assignment

  • There is a functionality for the organization to broadcast all contents at the beginning of the educational year or during the progress of the study. Contents broadcasted are automatically loaded on the device once the user starts the application.
  • At the end of the class, the teacher may assign homework through the system to both present and absent students. Tracking the homework is possible via the system.
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